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COMWARE licenses its technology, software, firmware, and hardware designs to OEMs, IC manufacturers and
wireless platform designers.
SensiBeam Core
IQ Beamforming
Mach-3G Wireless

SensiBeamTM Core for
Wireless Baseband ICs and DSPs

The SensiBeam™ core dramatically improves the performance of wireless devices and network equipment, and is compatible with all wireless technologies including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA, CDMA, GSM/GPRS, WCDMA, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, DAB and DVB.

COMWARE offers a set of licensable IP blocks that implement the core algorithms of our SensiBeamTM technology. The SensiBeam Core can be synthesized into your own wireless baseband IC, and is also available as a software core for DSP based platforms.

The SensiBeam Core offers a highly integrated solution for baseband ASIC designers as well as developers of emerging Software Defined Radio platforms in which the layer 1 baseband functions are implemented in software. The SensiBeam Core employs a modular architecture to minimize integration effort and afford a high degree of portability across all platforms.


IQ Beamforming Co-Processor for Wireless Terminal Devices
COMWARE's IQ Beamforming Co-Processor incorporates our SensiBeamTM technology to provide more reliable wireless connections for end-users and increased network capacity for wireless carriers. The IQ Beamforming Co-Processor is designed to "drop in" between baseband and RF ICs from leading semiconductor manufacturers, and offers a modular solution for OEMs.

COMWARE provides complete hardware reference platforms (baseband and RF) for wireless modems incorporating our IQ Beamforming Processor. COMWARE also offers customization and support services, and develops finished production modules for customers who require such assistance.


Mach-3GTM Wireless Modem and Gateway

For applications that require very high speed wireless connections, COMWARE offers a wireless modem and gateway platform that employs COMWARE's Mach-3G technology to boost data throughput speeds of wireless connections.

The Mach-3G Wireless Modem and Gateway is an ideal solution for turbo-charging content delivery services, broadband VPNs and mobile virtual networks. The Mach-3G Gateway may be located outside of the wireless carrier's network so it provides for maximum flexibility in deployment and network management.

Applications are completely unaware of the Mach-3G Wireless Gateway and do not need to be modified to function with the gateway platform. The only noticeable difference for applications is a much faster wireless data link.

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